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La Marina’s vision is to be the number one supplier in the hospitality industry, offering exceptional service and quality products.

Our commitment to our operating partners and staff is continuously emphasised by living our values as we grow.


La Marina Foods & WILD PEACOCK ARE the only importerS of  Seabass in South Africa.



Our guiding values are integral to the way in which we manage our business.

Honesty – Towards our customers and each other at all times
Dedication – Through teamwork, communication and safety
Reliability – Building trust and never letting anyone down through exceptional service
Family – Living the spirit of “Ubuntu” by treating everyone with dignity and respect
Energy – Always doing your best positively, with pride and passion
Quality – No compromise
Responsibility – Towards the company, fellow workers and customers


Kirsten Jooste who is the owner and director of La Marina Foods began her journey in 1995.Kirsten, who was an independent agent in the fish industry; decided to buy a small company called La Marina Foods and thus got into the industry on a firm footing. Within 4 years in a small factory through hard work and great service the company doubles in size. Another 5 years on the decision was taken to build a state of the art factory to accommodate the vast increase in business. It took 2 years to complete and was designed and is operated to the extremely high standards and requirements of the industry in Europe. Sustainability was achieved with the inclusion of a ozonation system throughout the factory for top quality hygiene and sanitisation. This is backed by a 500 KVA generator and a water storage facility with solar panels to reduce carbon footprint.Once in our new owned factory premises, La Marina Foods expanded at a phenomenal growth.

Under Kirsten’s leadership and very loyal and competent staff of around 100 employees the company is known to go the extra mile. Hence our moto “It’s not a problem – It’s a pleasure”

At the same time the company diversified and grew many other lines as suppose to the core business in fish. La Marina foods also now performs strongly in exotic food, dry goods, a full chicken range with cold meats to match and local and imported cheeses and dairy lines. This fully sustainable factory now holds over 2500 unique and well sourced products with emphasis on their sustainability. The company is known for its excellence in sourcing speciality requested items and tailoring order to client’s needs. With this phenomenal growth and to accommodate future developments, it was decided to establish an international head office in Mauritius. This would facilitate import and export at a higher level of efficiency and variety into established trade routes. Thus satisfying the company’s expansion requirements.

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Kirsten has always strived to offer service, reliability, honesty and integrity whilst offering a select and variety of comprehensive pantry upmarket goods aimed at the middle to upper class market that requires quality products. La Marina Foods excels at this niche market.

This has been achieved through the “big family” attitude of La Marina Foods. This “you are family” attitude has been cultivated by Kirsten from the start and continues today through the dedication, expertise and loyalty of her staff and is experienced by dining or shopping in the La Marina’s factory, deli, restaurant and sushi bar. A different experience and much touted as one of Johannesburg’s BEST kept secrets.